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HOW TO WIN BACK 20+ hours PER WEEK in 30 Days with The Time Hacker Method™ Guaranteed!

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The Eight Pillars

Every business needs these Eight Pillars in order to continually formulate strategic business plans.

Packed with tips, tricks, hacks and a practical roadmap. 

(Ultimately turning “Productivity into Profits”)

Ensure that these strategic pillars are holding up your business vision and meeting your tasks, goals and projects in terms of efficiency and profitability.

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*MY* PROMISE to you and your business is…

After 30 days, we will have a #WinningGamePlan that allows you to WIN BACK 20 hours (or more!) PER WEEK, as well as, increase your businesses’ profitability.


Module 1

Take Inventory

Module 2

How to Calculate Time 

Module 3

The Law of Leverage

Module 4

New Habits and Rituals

Module 5

Big Picture Thinking

Module 6

The Power of a Winning Game Plan


Module 7

Steal My Playbook or Write Your Own

Module 8

Keeping it Real


and Simple



The Time Hacker Method™ is designed and created to be a life changing experience. You don’t just learn how to hack time efficiently and effectively, you walk away with a new understanding of how to max your TIME, your ENERGY, and, your RESOURCES. 

You Will Receive

Bonus: 3 Advanced "Hack Time" Trainings

#1 The Art of Planning

Pen to paper, plan it for later. Categorise, organise, and then, execute. You can plan long term goals, short term goals, daily goals and your trusty To Do List for the day ahead.

Nothing is off limits!

Unpack, tweak, edit, modify, jot down all topics and subjects and categories.

Create a system that works for you or, you can simply copy Stephanie’s!

#2 The Power of Choice

Choose what you will do, and what you will say no to. Appreciate your free time and acknowledge how precious it really is. (It’s free, but it’s also priceless.)

You either drive time or time drives you.

Are you a victim of time or are you smart with your use of it?

Take a moment to consider what sort of relationship you have with time, respecting and appreciating the time that you have. And then, turning it into worthwhile tasks, projects and heart-centred pursuits. 

#3 Don’t Aim for Perfection!

The paradox of perfectionism, backed by research, is that perfectionists often under-perform in all areas of life. Gasp!

Flexible thinkers, on the other hand, those who say “Imma gonna do my best. That means I won’t stay in ‘perfection zone’, procrastinate and…keep finding excuses…”, tend to be the honorary Go-Getters more successful, balanced and beaming with joy. 

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